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Trevor McGivern - - July 2011


To Germany by Royal Enfield Combination

Germany Trip - Royal Enfield Combination - Trevor McGivern

Midlands Royal Enfield customer Trevor McGivern celebrated his retirement after 33 years with Shrewsbury Bus company Arriva, by setting off to see old friends on his Royal Enfield / Watsonian Manx sidecar outfit…. in Gutersloh,… Germany…a mere 600 miles from Shrewsbury!!

The reason for his trip was to be re-united with childhood friends, many of whom he had not seen for over 10 years. These friendships began when Trevor’s father was a serving Airman at RAF Gutersloh in the mid 1950’s and the friends have continued to be in touch since then.

Leaving Shrewsbury at 3am Trevor arrived in Dover at 8am having cruised all the way on empty roads at a steady 60mph with only a stop for fuel and the bathroom!

The Weather was not kind despite it being the height of summer and Trevor encountered heavy rain from Calais onwards. Despite this, the Royal Enfield EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engine roared onwards and choosing the AutoRoute system to cross France and Belgium, Trevor was soon at the German border, crossing at Monchau south of Aachen.  The remaining 200 miles north through Germany took him via Bonn and on a fast Autobahn section to Gutersloh.

The old RAF station is now home to the British Army and its helicopters and will be until 2020. Unfortunately, Trevor had not advised his friends of his visit, preferring to surprise them, but he was in for a surprise himself at his first destination…. finding the house of his friend….demolished!! At the next address he found his friends….away on Holiday!!
After a couple of nights in an Hotel - found for him by the kind hostess of a local bar- Trevor tracked down another old pal at his place of work. This friend was suitably surprised and very pleased to see him. Further contact was made with most of the other pals he had not seen for over ten years and in no time they arrived with their own much-loved motorbikes and a grand Party ensued!

Trevor’s Royal Enfield Combo attracted much interest and favourable comment although some wondered at his sanity in making such a demanding trip - at his time in life!! Most of Trevor’s friends are still active Motorcyclists despite being well in to their Seventies.

The return journey took Trevor to the East of Germany to see the old Communist Border Post area which still remains as a museum at Marienborn in the East and Helmstadt in the West.

Sadly, the heavy rain continued for the journey back until Brussels. Despite this Trevor was delighted with the performance of the Outfit. His only mishap was to pick up some stones while turning tightly (and perhaps a little fast) on a car park. This had the effect of removing a couple of teeth from the rear sprocket…but the bike kept going despite this and got him safely back to Shrewsbury after 10 days and over 2000 miles!!

The outfit is now enjoying a welcome overhaul at Midlands Royal Enfield at Wem near Shrewsbury and we wonder where he is thinking of setting off for next!!………