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Tim Morley - EFI Trials - May 2013




I have always liked Royal Enfield.  I have fond childhood memories of my dad's friend, Ken, riding over to our house on warm sunday afternoons on his 1958 Bullet.  I worked for a time in the factory unit in Enfield, Redditch that used to build these wonderful machines, and many years later I was delighted to see (and hear) Royal Enfield motorcycles still very much alive in India.  When the time eventually came that I might buy a motorbike, Royal Enfield was the obvious choice.  But how might I choose the right machine for me?
At 50 years old with only 2 years of motorcycle (Vespa) riding under my belt I had no experience with which to compare performance, ride comfort, or machine build.  By comparison to a 30 year old Vespa, anything is comfortable and fast!  I tried to learn as much as I could about Indian built Royal Enfields through various websites and forums, but concluded only 2 things;

1. Models and Variations are multiple and complex, and...

2. For as many people saying positive things about any particular topic, there were an equal number of people saying negative things about the same thing. 

This is clearly a Motorcycle where subjectivity and passions run high, so I was very pleased when I came across Steve at  Midlands Royal Enfield with a good dose of objectivity without compromising his passion.
A Google search for 'Royal Enfield Trials efi' lead me to Midlands Royal Enfield.  I took a drive over to see the bike and have a chat about the pros and cons of a motorcycle brand that I hadn't yet even sat on.  Steve was very patient in helping me understand the nuances of models and variations, and despite my obvious interest in the immaculate trials standing in his workshop, he didn't try to "sell" me anything.
The following days saw me in a turmoil; I had fallen in love with that Trials, but I couldn't afford it.  I had guessed that Steve isn't interested in 'negotiating deals', he clearly knew his market and was confident that his bikes would sell, but I plucked up the courage to call him and ask if he could move just a little on the price then all I would have to do was negotiate the rest with my wife and my pension fund.  He was very gracious and gave me just enough slack to make me feel like I could appease my wife.
I bought the bike I fell in love with and have never looked back.
It was a pleasure to buy my bike from Midlands Royal Enfield, but more importantly than that, Steve is quick to answer my neurotic questions about a rattle or oil type or electrical modification etc.  As a new-comer to Royal Enfield it is really important to me to have someone to help me learn and understand.  And on top of all that, Steve is always happy to brew up a cup of tea for you when you pop in during a spin out into the lovely Shropshire country-side.