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Royal Enfield Continental GT - Frank Jones

Article by our customer, Frank Jones.

The Continental GT Experience.

The very first time that I was attracted to the Royal Enfield Continental GT was in 1965, at that time I was swayed from the looks of the GT by the technology of a Honda CB160 and that is what I purchased at that time from Fron Purslow in Shrewsbury.

Fast forward now 50 years, and I saw the first pictures of the new GT535, and I was attracted to it straight away, this could be my Sunday Morning bike, I thought in order to preserve my 1969 Thruxton Bonneville for Track Events such as the Classic TT.

Since getting my GT from Midlands Royal Enfield in June 2014, I have made many modifications (it's half the pleasure of ownership) Motad Stainless Pipe & Silencer, K&N Air Filter, Real Clip Ons, Hagon Shocks, Top Fairing, Mini Indicators etc.

It really is a nice bike to ride, very stable on the road, the standard riding position is very comfortable, but I prefer my low Clip-ons, first impression is that it is very slow, but it does loosen up after a few hundred miles, and believe me get on a country lane and you will feel like John McGuinness after a few miles.     

Now I start to think that it's too good just for Sunday Morning so it's already entered for the Pageant of Power in Cheshire, and Thunderfest in Anglesey in 2015, let’s see how well it performs on the track.  



When I first bought my GT, I had no intention of taking it on a race track. It was going to be for "sunny Sunday mornings", but then the Racing season started.

I took my bike to the Anglesey Circuit for the Thunderfest event in May in order to give my '69 Bonneville a rest on day 2 of the event. What I was not ready for was a lap time almost as fast as my Thruxton spec. Bonny and on track handling on the smooth Tarmac to dream for. I had no idea that you could have so much fun with 29hp, and to lap an MV and take 4th Place - overall, Icing on the Cake !!!

Frank Jones


  Frank Jones - Royal Enfield Continental GT535   
  Frank Jones - Royal Enfield Continental GT535   
  Frank Jones - Royal Enfield Continental GT535