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Jonathan Dilnot - EFI Trials - August 2012

Jonathan Dilnot EFI Trials 

This is my story and experiences of buying and running a Royal Enfield EFI Trials

- by Jonathan Dilnot

Four years ago I went to the Motorcycle Show at the NEC with work and I saw the new EFI engine and was highly impressed with the new range of Bullets. I put it to the back of my mind until I thought about what I wanted for my imminent 50th birthday and then I thought... why not! .......Better than a watch!!

I have had large motorcycles in the past. However I did not want the bills and dramas that go with high performance machines, so I decided to have a Royal Enfield Trials. I see my Bullet as the motorcycling equivilent of a Morgan car. My aim is to really use the bike and ride it all over the Peak District and the mountains of North Wales and I have started well in my attempts to wear it out! Some - time before the end of the decade I will be back for another!

The perfomance is not what you could decribe as brisk, however that is not why you buy an Enfield. It is about getting the exhaust to pop at the correct time and realising you are riding a machine which has a lineage going back to 1933. In the modern world (especially in motorcycles) even a few years is a long time, let alone 79!

So I went looking for and Royal Enfield dealer and met with Steve Smith at Midlands Royal Enfield. What was evident is that Steve has absolute passion for what he does and has a love of the brand. This came over and so I decided to buy my Trials from him. All I can say is that the experience was excellent and I am happy with every aspect.

I collected the bike on the 4th April 2012 from Wem and did so when all around me were in snowy blizzards. The only place that was not was the road to my house back from Wem. For the next three months it rained more than ever before - and yet I still managed to do 500 plus miles a month!

Now I had re-joined the motorcycle fraternity I decided to go to the Superbikes races at Oulton Park and I had crowds around the bike. It is a true classic and the one thing it does is bring a smile to your face every time you go on it. Five months later - I now have 2,500 miles on the clock and still love every minute I am on it.

As for my dealing with Steve it has been an absolute delight who has enhanced my Enfield experience. He is a true character in the corporate bland world of motorcycle sales. Anyone who has a mannequin in the corner of his garage dressed in 1960’s RAF flying kit is on my wavelength - and that said everything I needed to know about Steve!