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Midlands Royal Enfield - Customer Wall of Fame

We thought you may like to meet some of our varied and interesting customers. Our youngest was only 18 when he took delivery of a 500 Kick-start Classic and he still has it as it is his only transport being used 356 days a year. We recently rebuilt the engine to a beefier spec as, being young he asks a lot from it!  It is true to say that he loves it and we think it loves him too!
Late in 2012 we supplied a 500 EFI Bullet to a gentleman of 82 (fit as a flea!) to replace a 1200cc Buell! This delightful chap tells great stories from his life, such as the flights he made with his Wing Commander who had use of a DH Mosquito and used it for pleasure flights on a Sunday afternoon...just after lunch in the Mess where a lot of Alchohol had been taken. The Winco used to fall asleep....leaving the flying to our man........
All our customers have character...and so do the bikes! Come and try one!


alan miles 08 electra x    anthony wilkes 500cc classic trials 
0003aubreyspringate500t160409002aaa_320x240    barry peabody efi dl electra
bernard bowman     bill piddington 350 classic 
brian jones trials   brian youle clubman
carl avery 500 classic   colin brown
david clarke electra efi trials   david gorringe elecra x
david link 500 est   denis sant electra x
derek wilson 500cc classic   geoffrey richards electra x
graham burnett 2007 electra x   gray hawke efi electra dl
ian bright electra x   ian halliwell woodsman
james beddow esq 500 estart classic   james bracegirdle elec woodsman
james hill electra efi dl    john belcher 07 350 classic
john brown esq efi trials   john de quincey efi classic
john lewis electra x   john lythe efi trials 2009
john roberts 08 re woodsman   john wesley esq 500 classic estart
john williams 350cc classic   john wilshaw electra x  
jonathan dilnot efi trials   leigh tomkinson 2005 electra x
len edwards 350 classic   louis bates bullet 65
malcolm firth 350 classic   mark eustace 500 classic
mark hosking 350 classic   mark hosking bullet 65
martin rudge 350 cl trials   mike davies 350 classic 
mike kenneally 350 classic    miss esther bode electra x
mr bob hayes classic bullet 500cc est   mr bryce campbell electra efi
mr bryn heywood electra trails   mr chris heesom 500 t classic
mr chris rogers 01 535 lightining    mr chris rowe efi classic
mr chris winfield efi trials special   mr david roberts efi classic
mr francis weston    mr guy rutter
mr jake gavin electra sportsman   mr john baugh
mr john davies classic 500 bullet   mr john evans 500cc classic trials
mr john foden cl350cc    mr john hollick 500cc estart classic
mr keith welch efi trials   mr kevin elcock efi electra 
Mr Lythe   mr malcolm wilde electra x
mr mark morrell 500 bullet    mr michael sherry classic 500 estart
mr and mrs perry 350cc classic   mr neil adams 500cc estart classic
mr nigel acton 500 classic    mr paul davies 350 bullet
mr paul reader trials 500 bullet    mr peter jones
mr peter kean electra x   mr roger gristwood efi trials 
mr r trott 07 350 trials    mr sean floyd electra x
mr steve smith electra sportsman    mr stuart wellings 350 classic
mr tim dent classic 500 bullet    mr tony hughes 500 estart bullet
mr warwick read efi electra dl    nigel ellis 350 classic
peter higgs    peter robinson classic 500
ralph simpson 350 classic    revd jon chesworth electra x
robert jakeway 500 classic estart    rob windsor esq electra x trials
rob windsor esq electra x trials    spencer edwards efi classic
steve greenough electra efi    Trevor Marler 350 Classic
trevor mcivern efi electra    Nicholas Langley 97 500 KS Classic 
Tony Lloyd EFI trials    Richard Russell 02 Classic Bullet 
John Sambrooke EFI Electra   Mr Pete Gibson EFI Clubman
Mr Brian Gulland 02 Classic 500   Paul Sample 500 Bullet 
Mr Trevor Tonkinson EFI Electra   Mr Peter Humphreys EFI Trials 
Mr Derek McIntosh Classic EFI Lewis Leathers SE    Tim Morley EFI Trials 
Mr Wojtek Turyk Clubmans in Warsaw Poland   Mr. Andy Deane EFI Classic 16.03.13.
Mark Edmonds - 2008 Royal Enfield Electra X Woodsman   ANDY NEENAN ESQ BULLET ELECTRA EFI DL SEPT 2013
Mr. Michael Kearney-Mitchell. RE EFI Fury   ANDY PARSONS ESQ 2010 EFI CLASSIC
Frank Jones - Royal Enfield Continental GT   John Morgan Evans - Royal Enfield Continental GT
Pete Gibson - Royal Enfield EFI Clubmans    Mr. Matt Horwell. Royal Enfield EFI Classic 
John Foden Esq. Electra EFI DL    Stephen Dunbar Esq. 2008 Royal Enfield 350 Classic 
Mr. Les Crabtree - 350 Classic Bullet   Paul Greenway Esq. RE'65' 03 19.12.14. 
Mr. Pete Humphreys. Royal Enfield Classic    Paul Jennings Esq. Royal Enfield Bullet 500 03.04.15. 
Mr. Stephen Hampton - Royal Enfield Lewis Leathers Classic   Mr. Nick Sheppard - 08 Electra X 
James Owen Esq. Royal Enfield Bullet B5     Jon Adams Esq. Royal Enfield Bullet 500
Tony Rex Esq. B5 Bullet 500 Forest Green    Roy Gadsden Esq. Royal Enfield B5 500 Bullet EFI 
Derek Povah Esq. Royal Enfield EFI Classic     Michael Prince Esq. Royal Enfield EFI Classic in Cream
Mr. Malcolm Robertson - Royal Enfield Continental GT    Edward Leslie Herbert (1903-1990) on a Royal Enfield. c.1923
Kevin Jones Esq Royal Enfield EFI Classic - Lagoon Blue     Alex Mutton Esq. Royal Enfield Continental 535 GT
David Herbert Esq - Royal Enfield B5 EFI Bullet    Stu McNeil - Royal Enfield B5 Bullet 
 Peter Wilkinson - Royal Enfield EFI Classic Desert Storm    



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