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In 2004 Steve Smith wanted a bike to have fun with.
He purchased a used Royal Enfield Bullet - as a friend had one that he admired.
It was more fun than he had imagined and was tuned and personalised as time progressed.
Steve Smith Royal Enfield Sportsman

Steve Smith Royal Enfield Bullet



As Steve looked to change and develop his working life it occurred to him that the Royal Enfield Motorcycle is a product he would be proud to be associated with as a supplier and representative.
After a move to Shropshire from West London and 2 years research and planning, Midlands Royal Enfield  opened its doors in December 2007 - having now supplied nearly 150 machines to owners from Anglesey to Gloucester and was awarded ‘’Dealer of the Year’’ for 2009 by Royal Enfield UK.
Steve acquired his ‘Sportsman’ road machine (above left) in 2008 and Steve's original ‘Enfield’ is now the basis of a competition machine appearing at track events as time permits. (above right)



John Brown esq. Royal Enfield EFi Trials

‘Captain’ Johnnie Brown has been involved with Midlands Royal Enfield for over three years, since becoming a customer with his first purchase of a RE EFI Clubmans and later an EFI Trials machine.

JB has made a great deal of beneficial input to our business as well as lending considerable expertise. JB was at one time a Motorcycle Paramedic for the West Midlands Ambulance Service.
In one of those emergency calls JB was involved in a drastic accident which has cost him the use of one leg. However, JB is not one to let something like that get in his way and so he continues to ride and maintain Motorcycles.
JB is known for fast and extensive rides across Europe....only stopping for Fuel, Food and Sleep!! 
Why is he a Captain?? Well for one thing he is a licenced Pilot!! (hence a Captain of Aeroplanes) 
JB is probably the most experienced Motorcyclist at MRE and also delightful company!! 



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