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Midlands Royal Enfield - A Move in the Right Direction


Anybody who has moved home will recognise that it is one of life’s great traumas. But, a Royal Enfield dealership?? Simple. Wheel the bikes out to a waiting truck and off you go!. Wait a minute…. The Workshop? (Heavy benches, Drilling machines….) The Stores? (a million nuts and bolts, gaskets, pipes…), The Office?

So, when after three years the lease was up on the original Shrewsbury premises, something had to be done and that was to find somewhere and move…the lot!

On the recommendation of a customer, a suitable location was found only eight miles distant and it was suitable with some tidying. Moreover, it has the advantage of being on FLAT ground and in a secure compound with plenty of parking.


Midlands Royal Enfield - Entrance

Two valued Customers volunteered to pitch in and without them it couldn’t have been done so easily.
Three months down track and we are well settled in. The facilities are not quite so luxurious (no interior plumbing for one thing!) but all services are close at hand and more than adequate. Wem is a great little town with excellent amenities and REAL local bakers and butchers…….


Midlands Royal Enfield - yardspace

Although the building is slightly smaller, careful arranging provides adequate space for all the spares, clothing and the near as possible representation of all the model variants in the showroom since we are 100% Royal Enfield.


Midlands Royal Enfield - showroom

Also, we now enjoy MORE workshop room than before, so even Combinations are not a problem.


Midlands Royal Enfield - workshop stores


Midlands Royal Enfield - race and blasting shop!!

With a superb Café on site (who even deliver!) the move has been a success and we hope to be available to Royal Enfield enthusiasts and customers from all over the Midlands for years to come.

Midlands Royal Enfield - office and showroom

Do come and see us whenever you are out for a run.